King Laughlin Company, Inc.
King Laughlin Company, Inc
Established 1967

Professional Commercial Real Estate Services

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King Laughlin Management Company, Inc.

King Laughlin Management Company, Inc. (KLMC), a wholly owned subsidiary of King Laughlin Company, Inc, was founded in 1980 and has been in continuous operation since its founding.

KLMC has a broad base of experience in the management of Office, Retail, Industrial, Self-Storage and Residential to include conventional Multi-Family Apartments and Condominiums.

The Company prides itself on personal relationships with owners and tenants to create an effective working environment based on trust and financial responsibility. Our philosophy is to do all in our power to maximize the owner's cash flow while maintaining the individual property cost effectively for the owner. Satisfied tenants are the best kind and we strive to "know" our tenants and to anticipate their needs to prevent conflicts.

KLMC has managed numerous office buildings of various sizes for corporate and individual owners. Total square footage exceeded 150,000 square feet. The company currently manages the Las Colinas headquarters building for four entities representing the Presbyterian Church (USA).

The Company's retail experience includes a variety of tenant types including standard retail stores, restaurants and single tenant properties.

KLMC developed and managed for ten years a 90,000 square foot Self-Storage facility in Austin, Texas.
The Company was involved in the acquisition of over 1000 apartment units, 500 single-family homes and 450 condominium units for 7-Eleven, Inc. The project is known as CityPlace. KLMC managed these properties for over seven years. Due to 7-Eleven, Inc's status as a public company it was necessary to follow strict accounting practices that would allow 7-11 to include the operation in their SEC filings. The Company had gross annual revenues of approximately $18,000,000 per year.
KLMC is associated with The Apartment Selector Service, a company owned by C. King Laughlin's brother and originally founded in 1959 by Mr. Laughlin's father.

The Apartment Selector Service deals with thousands of apartment and condominium rental prospects every year. The Company has perfected a Web-Based platform that functions on a national basis to funnel tenants to projects in the Dallas area and other major cities. Projects managed by KLMC are accorded special attention, which allows KLMC to be extremely competitive in securing new tenants.

In summary, KLMC is a "hands on" relationship oriented management company dedicated to building trust with both owners and tenants while providing the highest level of financial accountability to the property owner.

Office Phone: (214) 363-5464--Office Fax: (214) 890-0957-- King Laughlin Cell: (214) 704-9900--Cindy Thompson Cell: (214) 232-6467

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